Boxing Clever

Beemer Smile – perfect riding weather today. A smashing round trip of 125 miles into Wisconsin, where the smooth roads roll across hay fields and shady woodland. We stopped at the ever hospitable Ed Zenders where row upon row of classic bike lie. We spied an older BMW parked on the grass, Ed’s current daily ride; he got it from the original owner who purchased it in 1953 new at Abt, a Chicago dealer. Period photo from ’57 shows proud said owner. He said ‘take her for a spin.’ It’s a 1953 BMW R68. A 600cc solidly built teutonic speedster which when given enough throttle smoothly wound up effortlessly to a die straight 70. A truly nice gesture on Eds part that put a grin on my face.

3 Comments to “Boxing Clever”

  1. Weeee-ell.
    We both LOVE Triumphs, old and new.
    But, like you, a full size chap, BMW have always fitted me.. and that matters. [ Best shooting is done with a fitted gun.]
    I have a longing for mostly older BMW’s and looking at this picture of you on that old thing, you look so relaxed.
    To the chap in the terrible Tshirt .. sorry.
    Very kind of him to let you have a run on it.. that is another to tick off the list.
    Joy of the day to you.

    • You missed the posting about the t-shirt. Look up Thompson Motorcycles. Great Californian work. As for the R68 a super bike… went like a train once wound up to speed. My legs get splayed out at a stop due to the cylinders… but hey, this machine is for getting on down the road. All fairly good here… apart from the pup… not doing too well. But we’re keeping him comfy.

  2. “Apart from the pup”.. what does that mean.?
    Not Geordie, please.
    Do tell.

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