Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Ivy League – dusted-off and kicked the wee green tiger to life earlier today. Took it along a few alleys and around a couple of parking lots. It’s a friendly little thumper that is light to maneuver in tight turns and when bumpy undertire. Need to plan for a trip to some off-road facility to get it around a trail, over a dune, or through some woods.

2 Comments to “Parthenocissus tricuspidata”

  1. I have waited some time for this reveal.. as have you.
    In very plain English, my dear.. this is just FURKIN GORGEOUS.!!
    Honestly as nice as any I have ever seen.
    Love the colour. Any take on BRG metallic is always fine by me. As I recall, in the early discussion stages for planning this bike, I feel certain the BRG was my One suggestion.?
    Whatever.. I would simply love it.
    Well done yourself. Bike trailer and tow-bar next.?
    Have a grand day.

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