Rose Pose

Flowery Friday / British TV presenter Anthea Turner is draped florally over a maroon & silver Bonneville for some 90’s photo shoot. 

One Comment to “Rose Pose”

  1. A beautiful girl.. and in my view a lovely person.
    Harshly treated in the day because of her involvement with a married man whom she subsequently married.
    That marriage folded and the press here, mercilessly with utmost spite, hounded her ever since.
    It is almost as tho she has spoiled their portrait of a fairy princess, and they’re going to get her.!
    She was interviewed in a tv documentary here recently.. 2 breakdowns in recent years. His business interests failed and SHE lost her palatial home because of it.
    Plus, he was less than a loving father and she has effectively brought up his daughters thro their teenage years.. not easy coping with her health and anger at him for his actions. Hero.. I would suggest.
    She is now 50+ and still looks looks lovely, as she does here in this portrait.
    Enjoy your day.. and the WE.

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