Hunting Dog

Buonacittà – the Triumph twin engine used in the Bonneville was imported to a town called San Lazzaro in Italy where Leopoldo Tartarini designed a limited run motorcycle called the Grifon. Built by Italjet around 600 were made between 1968 & 1971.

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  1. Hi again,
    I have long been familiar with the Velocette Thruxton engined model and the R’ Enfield twin, both of which were to be marketed by Floyd Clymer as Indians. Clymer, who produced the service books etc, sort of “Larn yersell bike fixin”. [ I’m obviously only saying that as I simply cannot remember the name of the books.. Clymer erm.. thingy.? ]
    Anyway, Clymer died suddenly, the project folded and the built bikes, some Velo’s, tho I was not aware of any Enfields, were simply sold. I would add that at the present time in the UK, those rare Indian Velo Thruxtons are far and away the rarest and consequently the priciest Thruxtons to find and buy. But then, they were always rare and never cheap in period..
    Icy raw cold here.. -4c last night, here in the west a rare thing. Bugger.!
    Stay happed up Cus.

  2. What I meant to say also was that, up until this photo arrived, I was not aware of any Triumphs either, and it clearly IS the same as the Velo and R’ Enfield proposals. These fellows clearly wanted their moneys worth, no.?
    I have NEVER seen this before, so thank you for the post.
    Did I mention the new Triumph book..”Triumph.. The Art of the Motorcycle.”
    If I have told this tale previously.. do forgive.
    I saw it on a US website and looked it up on Amazon UK.. where it was offered at a favourable price. Except here, underneath the Amazon price is a note along the lines of “alternative suppliers here.” So that is where my ‘click on’ went, and I obtained this stunning book for the grand sum of £28.70 including UK postage. BARGAIN.!!
    It is mostly the Hinckley period models, and very good too. Not so much on the Meriden period, little on the epic period factory racing effort, sadly, I find no mention of Triumph’s greatest servant Percy Tait, which really is disappointing. However, one of the best books all round I have seen on the subject., large size, thick 240 pages, great paper and simply sumptuous pictures.
    If’n you ain’t got it yet, try to sweetheart the Missus..
    Enjoy your day

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