Solstice Bound

Light at the end of the Tunnel – heading into the darkening days of December it seems the warming weeks of Spring seem far away. Well, it passes quick and before we know it days lengthen and temperatures rise.

6 Comments to “Solstice Bound”

  1. And that comes soon enough, the days start to lengthen as of 21 December. Things can only get better after that, though these days in the UK winter is really recognised as being.. Jan/Feb/ March. Never mind tho’ things will get better and brighter.
    Sunlit uplands await us Cus.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Hi Geordie/Bill. Yep, we’re also heading towards a cracking Summer Solstice by all reports…weather has been stable and glorious for past 3-4 weeks and around 25 degrees C every day (very early for Auckland where usually December is late Autumn at best, windy, wet and well, generally unpleasant. Like you say Bill, now in NZ Summer is similarly recognised as being.Jan/Feb/ March, so maybe the world has tilted or something. Either that or the halcyon days of Summer we recall from our youth are figments of a disordered memory, now that we’re all old farts :-). Anyway, wanted to say a very nice moody shot Geordie….the black and white is perfect. How do you trigger the Go-Pro when riding? (I must get one).I figure you have a cable release or similar? Also guys, if you haven’t already, go visit my page for some of my road shots from recent ‘On Any Sunday’ morning rides here in NZ. That was a nice post BTW Geordie Another film worth catching for the bike riding is ‘Little Fauss & Big Halsey’ Cheers, Les

    • That Redford/ Pollard Film is a little unknown gem. As for the GoPro…. I don’t have one… I hold up my iPhone… dicey at best.. I need a quiet straight road to get it. One hand on throttle…

  3. You’se two.!
    What are yers like.!!
    Redford had a long career of making terrific films, but in my film critic mode LF & BH , surely isn’t one of them. The best bits were the bikes.. and only because they had no speaking parts.. phew.
    Just saying.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Ha ha…thank God we all have opinions eh? Actually I’d agree it’s not a GREAT movie, but still think it’s a classic of it’s time. I still love Easy Rider for the same reasons (the time and ergo the bikes 🙂 Yep, parts of it are self-indulgent ’60s crap but other scenes are gold. Just IMHO of course…tee hee… Cheers,Les ,

  5. BTW, Merry Christmas to you too Bill….Like seeing your comments to our pal’s blog posts….I find both your views equally interesting. 🙂

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