The Original Speed Triple – before Hinckley Triumph rolled out their bruiser 900 naked Speed Triple it was being created by Meriden enthusiasts using the Trident lump at its heart. Here’s Jock Drysdale on his roadgoing machine during, what looks like, a speedy blast through the River Cherwell’s bucolic scenery. He’s dressed for suitably healthy velocities; I think there’s a broad grin under that lid.

One Comment to “Tree”

  1. In the years since Triple production ended, there were countless customised examples built, to the owner/builders’ personal taste [?.!].
    Thankfully most of this was well before t’interwebb and so we were/are/have been, spared such lovelies. They were NOT.!
    If you were daft enough to google Trident Cafe Racers, your tragic eyeballs would bulge at the hell, of it all.!
    However, your friend here is on a perfectly sumptous Cafe’ Racer, a gen-u-wine beauty, being modest and perfectly presented.. even down to that rarest of things in sporting circles, touring handlebars.. and all the more gorgeous for it.
    A truly lovely bike, as good as I have ever seen.
    And my opinion after all these years, is NEVER humble.

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