Merry Christmas

Saint Nick – we have snow falling here in Chicago so we’re in for a White Christmas. Hope Santy can make it on his desert sled…

3 Comments to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas Geordie…..Samta has of coursealready been here in Aotearoa, and No, I didin’t get the Go Pro I hinted for, as wife thought we’d spent enough on our trip to UK earlier this year 😦 with which viewpoint sadly I agree… Had bubbles and breakfast with the 2 of our 3 girls who are ‘in country’, and visited Andrea’s elderly bro in his care home… Marvellous day, 20 degrees C and cooling sea breeze. Took the old Beeza out yesterday and will post a few pix from that jaunt on my BSA site later. Have a great Christmas & recovery time out, I’d say ‘chill’ but given your Northern Hemisphere season at this time, maybe that’s not appropriate 🙂 Cheers, Les

    • What a lovely thought: to go out for a nice summery ride in December… sounds like you’ve got a good family gathering going on there. All the good health and happiness to you and your family!

  2. Thanks GB…and to you and your lady also…Roll on 2018…

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