BSA A10 650cc 1963

Rocket Goldstar – one of the British motorcycle industry’s sweetest machines is the last iteration of their pre-unit twins. Basically a tuned A10 650 engine with a complete accompaniment of Goldstar goodies: such as the alloy rimmed wheels; rear-sets, and clip-ons from Eddie Dow; a swooping siamese exhaust; close ratio RRT2 gearbox to eke our a hearty 50bhp. All-in-all a Motorcycle capable in both looks and speedy roadworthyness. Wish I still had mine…

2 Comments to “BSA A10 650cc 1963”

  1. I am impressed you did have one.!
    So few were made, and they were NEVER cheap at any time in my memory. Today.. more than the price here of a really sweet Gold Star.
    Enjoy your day.

    • Bought for $1000 in a very sorry state back in 2002. All correct parts where it mattered. Fettled up and sold for $10k a couple of years later. I had no where to store it properly then, also insurance was a bit dodgy then. I’ll email a photo.

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