It’s a State of Mind

ATGATT – safety information poster from 1983 published by the Ministry of Transport to promote wearing the gear for to ensure protection from the elements as well as any mishap on the road. You can tell this is aimed at the British due to wet weather oriented garb. “Don’t be a bonehead!”

One Comment to “It’s a State of Mind”

  1. Hey Geordie. Yep, I can testify to having been a bonehead back in the day… 😦 Aged 18 I took myself off to get some smokes dressed in shorts, thongs (i.e. jandals/flip-flops); t-shirt and (thankfully) a full face helmet. A driver turned into a driveway across in front of me & I braked and nearly avoided her, but she clipped my handlebar. Front wheel to left lock and stopped rotating, bike pivoted over it and I got spat off onto the road. Flayed my left shoulder open but lucky I had the helmet as head got locked against my chest and sliding along the road wore right though the top of it to the lining..! A salutary lesson I’ve never forgotten.

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