Trois Dents

Three Teeth – finding burly success in road racing during the early seventies these Triumph (& BSA) triples proved to be Stout hearted winners from the likes of Dick Mann, Gene Romero, Don Emde and Paul Smart among others. The Rob North framed machines were a turning point of pre-sixties GP racers and the post seventies two-stroke screamers of the Japanese bikes.

2 Comments to “Trois Dents”

  1. Yet again where Americans [?] are concerned the named US riders are trotted out.
    These bikes were out with the UK works team in the UK and Europe in period.. not so much in the USA as I recall except for limited events.
    Where pray are the real hero’s of this tale.. particularly Ray Pickrell, Tony Jefferies and most especially Percy Tait who was at the centre of the whole works effort.
    Tait who was chief factory road tester, a principal player in the works team, the rider at GP level of the works 500 GP twin, the man who famously named the very famous “Slippery Sam”.. on and on.
    Percy Tait.. a real hero and a pukka chap.
    Happy days.

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