bœuf anglais

Beefy Bonnie – classy rear-end view of a 70’s Triumph. A magazine advert promoting the good price of this five speed model which at £501.93 or you could get the doughty Tiger for £459.56. For reference the weekly wage was £40 a week, a loaf of bread 10p, a pint? 25p.

One Comment to “bœuf anglais”

  1. Hi GB. I tell people I bought real ale in 1977 in a pub in rural Suffolk, straight from a racked-up barrel in the tap room (no taps on the bar), and just 29p a pint. It was good too, so good I stayed for a couple more as I recall (stayed in the village where my Grandad grew up). Nobody believes me. I was a contract draftsman up from London and on much more than your quoted wage but I was still dead impressed at the value for money, as up in London beer was I think around 40p a pint by 1977.

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