cycle guide

‘Zine Cover- sunny lemon backdrop and a profile portrait of a racing green Trident and coo’ing model in pure sixties vibe. Fifty years ago when the T150 was introduced.

2 Comments to “cycle guide”

  1. Hello Geordiebiker. My name is Miles Perkins and I work for Triumph motorcycles. I’m a very big fan of your blog and would like to invite you to the factory in Hinckley if you are ever in the UK.

    • Miles, thank you for the compliment! For sure next time we’re over in Blighty I’d love to see the factory! My family are in the Northeast -(Northumberland) where I grew up. Now in Chicago. I bump into Larry Fletcher once in a while and our local dealer is Johnny Scheff’s Motoworks. Though I’d love to get hold of a new Triumph my next project is a ‘74 T150… it keeps me out of trouble!

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