The Comets Tale: ex-RAF strip at Church Lawford near Rugby saw speed events such as this drag racing in ‘65. A half liter Vincent is the perfect vehicle upon which swiss-miss Margret Reiser has a snappy launch along the quarter mile runway. Apparently she rode the Comet all the way from Switzerland.

4 Comments to “21-Up”

  1. Great photograph.. really sweet. And she looks sweet too, a proper bonny girl. And more than that.. a game one.
    I love these pictures, partly for being B&W, partly for period details [I can see so much here, in the MUCH larger scale and get the picture.. geddit.?]
    It never fails to astonish me to think, that this young woman, say 20ish when this was taken, will now be 75+ yo.. if she is still with us.
    I wonder if she is.? I truly hope she is, well, happy and with a pile of crazy grandchildren to manage.
    I would hope she was a sweetie, and much loved by all.
    My kind of girl.. a proper one.
    Hope you are both well, the weather should be picking up for you now [?].. here, I saw the 1st Crocii of the season on a r-about in town and, on the opposite side of the road, were lots of the new Daffodils sticking out, and about half grown.
    Over the years here the Town council has had a policy of planting all the verges of the major roads in and out, with untold numbers of Daff’s.. and soon, it will be a lovely spring sight.. gorgeous even.
    I attach a film you might like.. I found it on Youtube whilst I was looking for something else in music. I do hope you would like it.. it is joyous, a mix of many small choirs, all ages, bonny girls, handsome lads, gorgeous children and a wonderful Welsh anthem, given full welly.!!
    I have found that lately, this speaks to me, it keeps calling to me, at every opening of Youtube, it sits there, looking at me.. “c’mon.. play me”. So I do and the pure Joy in this overwhelms me and it always ends in tears.. this is such a joy to watch, glorious old melody and.. the kids are wonderful. I’ll have 6 please.
    Enjoy your WE.
    Regards to both

    I hope it works in the US.!?

    • Things weather wise are trying their hardest here. Bit of snow last weekend but mostly melted now. Expecting rain and 60 degree temperatures next week. Like you I DO like these historical photos that evoke so much in their ‘journalistic’ quality. You can’t recreate it. Getting things in place to acquire the T150. The missus is pretty game about it.. I can work with that!
      Hey, daffodils! You ARE in Wordsworth country! The Lakes in Spring sure are pretty. Fresh skies over damp fells. Wet sheep and early woodland flowers. Care Canny!

  2. Yes.. but, did the filum work for you, or not.?
    You didn’t say.. please advise.
    As I think you actually told me there is a sort of thing where BBC home produced stuff, as here, simply does not play on the US side.? Others have told me this as well, when I have sent other stuff [WW2..] over to them.
    As to getting a T150.. do I know about this.. have you mentioned this on here.? I recall I saw a photo of a collection of large bits, was that it.? Just curious..
    Enjoy your day.

    • The filum did indeed work. I’ve never heard that Welsh piece, and wonderfully sung – which is expected from Cymru . The T150 isn’t in pieces, complete with matching numbers needing primped up. I’ll email photos

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