Twenty Three ‘n’ Dirt

Mongrel – For Sale locally is this splendid and rugged looking Triumph Mettise in cream color. Certainly looks the part and posted for $4,800. Wanna ride like Steve McQueen?

2 Comments to “Twenty Three ‘n’ Dirt”

  1. Faints.!
    Comes round.. SLOWLY..
    Here my dear.. is the very Beau~Ideal of a dirt bike.. with an EPIC reputation.. none bigger really, a giant killer in the day.
    And a sex-bomb ever since.!
    Think on this.. check it over VERY carefully, being mindful of cracks in the frame.
    Imagine a disc front brake being fitted for road use.
    A modern wiring harness so as to run lights etc.. a motogadget style multi-function speedo etc, and anything else. An engine/gearbox rebuild..anything, everything.. whatever it needs. It might take years.. taking time to get it right is soooo cool.
    Remember any new dirt bike, will lose epic sums in the first 3 years and diminish a little more slowly with each passing year, provided it remains in good nick, not dirt bike trashed. Until it is worth nowt, and then perhaps it might slooooowly climb out of the pit of despond in which it will then clearly slumber.
    BUY THIS NOW.. restore it to GLORIOUS, run it as a road bike. People with hate you.. that is good, I like that.
    Please don’t just dismiss it, at least go round and see the chap, have a look at it.. properly.
    Happy days then.
    Oh lord.. I’ve come over all funny again…………
    8″ of snow here, with “The beast from the East storm [Siberia.. honest.!] the first we have seen in any quantity since 2010. Marvellous, lovely to look at. perhaps..

    • Bill, sorry I didn’t reply to this one… if I had a space in the ‘stable’ and spare cash, time aplenty, and a fully understanding wife, I could have been a possibility. But other two wheeled desires await! It is a nice looking machine… though I like the racing Triumph Rickman Metisse.

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