One on the Side

Jade Chair – seafoam pearl combination mounted to a suitable Trident ready for the driver and passenger. Operating an outfit is on my to-do list…

2 Comments to “One on the Side”

  1. That is a lovely combination, and in a simply gorgeous colourway.. what a beauty.
    As to the to-do list.. go for it. You should, actually you must.. it can be more fun than a box of frogs.!
    50 years ago, as daft lads at home, one of our number had access to the motorbike-shop hack.. an old BSA A10, with sidecar chassis/frame, fitted with ex railway sleepers, and organised to carry/recover broken bikes. Looking good..
    There was thro the town centre, a long sweeping S bend, down to a round-about erm.. 1/2 a mile away. Getting better..
    We came out of the biker Caff at erm 10:30 ish, 3~4 of us piled onto the sidecar hack, in heavy snow, still snowing, and set off for the Town centre.. and attacked the long S bend an the round-about straight. Several times.
    Until in the finish, the bike was sliding everywhere, we were soaked, 2 Bobbies were walking up the street, likely to see what all the noise and laughing was all about.. we legged it. My mother was not best pleased, we had words, but she made me get in the shower.!
    Happy days.. the very best. The time of my life.
    If things had been different, and I had by a miracle ended up with no mortgage and some money.. amongst my list of bikes to have, there would certainly have been a sidecar outfit. I feel there are NONE better than BMW’s flat-twin for the job because of the shaft drive.. and a sports sidecar to go with it. Frankly, I have always been drawn to the late 1960’s R60/R69 style of bikes because of their forks, ideal for the task in hand.
    More happy days.. better yet.
    Enjoy your day.

    This sort of thing.. but with a bigger “Hoske” style fuel tank at about 6 gallons.

    • That’s a true story of youthful adventure! We’re planning our summer hols right now: Colorado and a road trip through the Rockies. A couple of two-wheeled shenanigans are on the agenda: a hack rental for an afternoon in Pagosa Springs (Ural) and a couple of days on a BWM GS 800 out of Durango. Right next to The Million Dollar Highway. I’ll email pics…
      Typical Dave & Maren itinerary is packed… can’t wait! Looks like blighty is flooding as the snows melt. Keep high and dry!

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