Smart attire – Motorsports photographer Don Morley looks seriously dapper with his Trials Norton. His career capturing action of two and four wheels is legendary. Being an author his several books surveying classic British motorcycles are also considered legend. A lifelong trials rider he obviously enjoyed life behind the handlebars as well as a professional one behind the viewfinder.

2 Comments to “Shoot”

  1. Now then,
    I knew DM years ago when I haunted the major UK racetracks, and he was often on duty there.. a nice chap to talk to, and we had a mutual friend in Bill Lomas, the former World Roadrace champion. Both very good company.
    I had a further connection in that my late uncle was Trials secretary of the Cumberland club, and they too were good friends.
    So then, a jolly good time all round. Happy days.
    And then this beauty..
    A few days ago, when I last looked it was for sale, longer, but then it is an utterly lovely bike in exceptional condition. A former Don Morley bike, restored under his hand and kept by him until recent years. It is a Matchless 500cc G80CS [Competition Springer ]..
    in the day easily converted to Trials spec for a clubman rider.. this was before the Spanish 2T horde had taken over and the Japanese onslaught on the Euro Trials scene was just a distant mystery. These days you and I would probably say it was a simply glorious Trail bike.. Gorgeous.. and sadly.. just sold in the last day or two. Bugger.!! On offer at about £13K..
    The bike..

    I do hope these come out at your end, a very lovely bike, more so by today’s very ugly standards.

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