St George – patron saint of England. It seems fitting that a saddle cover emblazoned with his crusader inspired red on white cross is available for a Triumph Bonneville. His lance was called Ascalon, which apparently is the name Winston Churchill gave his private aeroplane during WW2. His horse is always depicted as white.

4 Comments to “23-04”

  1. By a country mile, THIS is simply the nicest and bonniest, Bonneville I have seen of the modern iteration.
    Would the paint have been done privately do you think, as I don’t recall seeing any factory offering of this pattern, and I think I would remember [?], as the 60’s model are so clear and vivid to me [at my age..]
    This simply is so in the style of the Tiger 90 and other period colourways.. just gorgeous. I would imagine Old English White and a pale Gold. Perhaps
    But, into every life a little horror must fall.. lose the seat, it is tacky and awful.. IMNVHO.! Sorry..
    However, a comment on your blog [is it a blog.? I know nothing of these things.!]
    I love the way on your comments page we get a full size/bigger/biggest picture.. here, they are just lovely..
    As a rule, I open your post, go straight to the comments page and the larger picture.. [geddit.?] and it is worth that little effort.
    That being the case, anything on Percy Tait and Ray Pickrell is ALWAYS welcome..
    At my age anything is welcome.!
    Any developments on the Commando situation.?
    Enjoy your day.

    • Bill, I think there was one year with this cream and gold color scheme. It is nice looking. I’m with you on the seat. It’ll get grubby pretty quick! Also good to hear feedback on how the blog is experienced by the audience. Thanks!
      Norton project slips away. My brother in law now wants to get it rolling himself. So I’m working on cajoling him into doing that.

  2. Another point..
    I have just realised this has both front fender and rear number plates.. not often seen.?
    Do you know where this is registered at all.
    Thank you.

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