Hump Day – leaping through the mid-week apogee we feel the coming weekend is so close we can nearly touch it! This airborne lad with his Union Flag lid crouches in anticipation to a flying landing. Big Triumph Speed Triple will ensure good footing upon alight.

5 Comments to “Ballistic”

  1. I seem to remember this picture.? I feel sure it was a promo’ piece for Davida helmets, and for sure our hero is wearing a Davida Union flag.. and very nice too.
    Am I right.?
    Is there a prize.?
    Lovely weather here this past week, 15~20c, sunny, dry, bright, but oddly not that warm. So what’s new then.. sunny, but not for long I wonder.? At least for now, It has allowed us to see the very best of Spring.. the trees, newly out in bud, are stunning.
    Happy days.. the best, my very favourite time of year. May..
    Happy days, enjoy yours.

    • I’m with you there on Spring Bill! The fresh new growth brings renewed energy. All too brief here before the dull heat of summer… we’re enjoying 60 degree Days here. Just right. My work is super busy right now – stretched between office work and site oversight- the weekends are barely enough to recuperate… bah! There’s an antique bike show this Sunday, we hope to ride out to it but forecast calls for storms. Hopefully the Midwest mixed spring weather cooperates.
      I hear you’ve got a Royal Event over there…

  2. Event.?
    Apparently so.
    In truth both royal princes are dearly loved here, as is Will’s family. Harry is very special to us, he really is a pukka chap.
    I was not a Diana fan, even less a Charles fan.. but, the boys’ are super and, the latest recruit looks lovely, people generally are behind her and very accepting. I think most are just excited that she is AMERICAN.!!
    But most here will not be familiar with the fact that in the late 19th century, there was a massive influx of very wealthy young American heiress’ looking for marriage to Anglo titles. Winston Churchill’s own mother was one such.
    And just to say, here there has just been a news-flash [honestly.. we couldn’t make it up.!]
    As Meghan’s father cannot make it to the wedding to give the bride away, our own Prince Charles will now fill in for her father. Happy days then, welcome to the fun-factory.
    And, I am a life-long royalist with a big “R”.
    Enjoy your WE, try to relax, work sounds very busy for you.. perhaps chill out with your giant tv, get the boys round, burgers and beers, wives too.. and all watch the royals bun-fight.
    You remain one of us, an undercover colonial, and you KNOW.. we British still do the Pomp thing best.

  3. I would just clarify my comments re Charles and Diana..
    I was NOT a Diana fan because as the years went by it became sadly clear that she was unstable, but her treatment at the hands of the “Charles set” was appalling [from what the sh#tty anglo press has told us.]
    Her end was dreadful, truly shocking..
    I, myself.. was up in time to see the first Sunday am broadcast from Paris [we had a 4yo staying with us who would not settle, it was me who had to get stuck in.!].. But, it was the end of that world, as we knew it.
    She was pressed into a relationship with a man who clearly loved someone else.. and we all know who.
    As to Charles, he and I are of an age. My friends, as we grew up, would have [today] described him as a wuss.. in another world to ours, and I don’t mean royalty. He was in love with Camilla, but strongly persuaded [bullied.?] by Courtiers to not get involved with her, but it NEVER STOPPED, and certainly never ended.
    Within no time at all, after Diana had moved out of the royal Semi.. Chas and Camilla, were out in public.
    HE SHOULD HAVE MAN’D UP FROM THE VERY START, and saved us and the world, a lot of trouble, and told the Courtiers to get stuffed.
    Happy ever after, would surely have been the order of play, I feel certain. But a rather different Wills’ and ‘Arry would be here today.. no.?

    • The Royals are like the British motorcycle industry. They had to go through a misdirected 70’s and 80’s to enable a new generation to excel. QE2 is a classic Bonnie ‘59 timeless though a bit testing at times, Phil is a 40’s Twin, honest but cool. Charles is the 250 Trophy- seemed fun at the time but kinda pointless. So Wills and Harry are the current line up: strong, we’ll adored and plenty of momentum for the future.

      How’s THAT for an analogy?

      Queen Mother? A Model H, suitable to take to the races only, £10 on the 3.45 at Chepstow. Margaret? Easy.. Vincent… one off.

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