Alberta Moto

TRW – the side valve developed by Triumph for the war effort in ’42. Here’s a lass in suitable attire ready to look for some pastoral country lane to zip along. Very stylish she looks to along with the forest green bike.

One Comment to “Alberta Moto”

  1. The bike is truly lovely.. very special. I have never seen one so nice.
    However, I do worry that if she is going to ride it, that her back is adequately covered and protected.?
    Life in a wheelchair ain’t no life at all, as I know from intimate personal experience.
    Now then..
    We’ve had the wedding, truth to tell.. as a man of my age, having seen many royal “do’s”.. it was the best ever and in lovely weather, about 70f, it was stunning. The full-on royal shenanigans.. full colour, military, Gurkha’s on the steps at Windsor chapel.. beautiful page boys and girls, music.. oh man.! Music.. everything.. horses and cavalry all over the shop.. everything. Tears [us]..
    If you get the chance to watch highlights on US tv, do try it. Best ever, CAN’T RECOMMENDED IT MORE HIGHLY.
    And the FA Cup Final a bit later.. 16:00pm-ish. Chelsea Vs Man Utd.
    Does life get any better.?
    Happy day, certainly today, enjoy yours.
    WF x

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