A or B – a modern retro such as the Thruxton, or the practical distance tool like the Trophy.

3 Comments to “Choices”

  1. Both. Just go for both.
    A Trophy should be do-able for sensible money, as they are here, and most seem to be lightly used. For big, fit lads like us, they should be wonderful, practical cruisers.. just the job.
    And a sporting, modern Bonnie’ when there is a bit more dosh about..
    Will that do as a plan.?
    Now tell us out here, what you are thinking on this matter.?

    • Bill, I was just goofing about looking at what was on offer on the local Craigslist.. there were $3500 for the Thruxton and $2500 for the Trophy. Or like you always say the Tiger 800 would serve both…

  2. Good man.. Tiger eh.?
    Now we are getting somewhere.
    Hey ho.

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