Time Changes Everything

Far from the Madding Crowd – another Tom Hardy but this time the brutish actor, not the novelist from South West England. He’s happy to be surly next to a modern Triumph Scrambler. Photo from tomhardy.org

One Comment to “Time Changes Everything”

  1. He’s not brutish.. and he’s not surly here.. just quizzical perhaps.. “I’ve got stuck in this hole, down here.. how hoe the hell do I get out.?”
    Something like that.
    I feel very strongly, that Mr Hardy will be the next James Bond.. and imo.. he’d make a fine one. As did Daniel Craig.
    When Craig took the job, Bond, who’s movies I had avoided for YEARS, suddenly came back to life. Wonderful. And what is more I paid my own money to go to the flic’s to see him.
    Good man Craig.
    Enjoy your day.

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