Rocky Mountain High

Million $ Highway – great day taking a BMW GS800 over one of the worlds great roads. 76 miles of curves, steep drops, rocky bluffs, wooded slopes, glistening rivers, craggy mountains, blue skies, and sublime scenery. Colorado at its best! And I did the ride TWICE! That smile is the genuine thing!

2 Comments to “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. Gertcha Ratbag.!
    You might have said.. I’d have come with you’se two like a shot.. just to see that wonderful country.
    Any Red warriors hanging out.? I’d have been in heaven.
    Do you see the US tv show “Longmire”.? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. well, if you’re partial to western-ish programmes.
    I can’t bring myself to say.. I h#te you.. I can’t but, this is so.. upsetting.!
    Have a great time.. sniff
    W xx

  2. Sorry, I should have said, at least out of good manners..
    Lovely photo.. and you do look wonderfully happy.
    W xx

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