Old and New

First Outing – a short fifty mile trip to see the vintage motorcycle show at MCC in Villa Park. The Tiger performed admirably and was a joy to be on. So easy to move along the road on, allowing me to concentrate on the weekend traffic. Deans Triumph Bonnie was running well too. I’ll continue this week with the offerings on show at the event. Our BSA & Norton tee’s emphasize our solidarity with the other Brit Iron.

3 Comments to “Old and New”

  1. Well done that man.
    Sadly, here this WE we had the much loved and looked-forward-to, today.. Sunday. And all day Saturday and getting up Sunday am.. persisting down, streams running down the kerb edges, mini lagoons on the corners.! Damn..
    Those days are gone, nowadays I’ll do a mild/moderate/cool/hot/sunny, but NOT wet, not on a grass park.. I can write the script that most of the show stuff simply won’t turn out..
    Happy days.

  2. Hmmmm..
    That should have read.. “the much loved and looked-forward-to Classic Car/Bike show, today..” etc.
    It still rained. And we still didn’t go.
    Bugger eh.. the UK summer.
    Enjoy your day.

    • Wet weather in the UK? Who’d a thought it?
      I spoke to my brother in n law yesterday. He’s in Minnesota. Over the weekend he went to a couple of car shows. Old American vehicles. At one stop it was a midway point for a Bew London to New Brighton drive. 80 miles. All cars (40 or so) were older than 1915…

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