Rita Nebraska – Lauren Hutton takes on a perfect pose with this track’d Bonneville. She starred with Robert Redford and Michael J Pollard in the 1970 comedic drama Little Fauss & Big Halsy flick about motorcycle racing. With her distinctive gap-tooth grin she still models into her seventies.

2 Comments to “Smile”

  1. Now this.. is a portrait.!
    And after all these years, isn’t she still a beauty.
    Being a BABE is a lifetime obligation of course and, as we can see here, she still looks simply stunning.
    I don’t know of course, but I wonder if she would not just be the loveliest friend to have.?
    What Babe.. great post. Thank you.
    Enjoy your WE.

  2. Hey Guys….I’m with you William, a cracker then and a cracker now…… One of my sisters was entranced (as I was also) and named her daughter after this beauty. I loved the film too BTW, one of my recommended watches to those who weren’t lucky (or old/mad) enough to have lived and motorcycled through the ’70s as I (we?) did…. Cheers, Les (Just back today from 2 weeks in Chile, including a week on Easter Island where motorcycles (albeit small, Japanese ones 😦 rule the roads…!

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