Bologna or Birmingham?

A Pair of Beauties – these were a couple of my favorite sightings yesterday: A ’59 Velocette MSS; and a 72-ish Ducati GT 750 Roundcase Bevel. Art for Arts sake in these engines.

2 Comments to “Bologna or Birmingham?”

  1. Hi,
    In the late 1960’s when it was clear that Veloce was failing, many of us were DESPERATE for the company to morph into Ducati, or something/ANYTHING.!!
    But it was not to be.. strange really, that you should show this joint photo of something many of us longed for.
    I have the dearest friend who is the Velo guru, the nicest man, and a genius.. getting to sit on his KTT racers is always a joy.
    Dream on.
    Enjoy your day.

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