Pen & Ink. I just love the quick line of this sketch. Minimal lines with a dab of color wash. Work by Tomas Pajdlhauser. More can be found about this talented guy here:

2 Comments to “Doodle”

  1. Lovely sketch, everything I would like to produce, but can’t/don’t..
    Have you seen the rising “hooha” about the prophesied closure of Gmail as a public service, sometime in the next year.? This is now a daily talking shop on Gmail
    I have come to wonder [Hope..!!] whether this is just more Trump “fake News”, and given the friends I have on there, I[ HOPE !!] that it is all flummery.!
    But naturally, I am worried that I will lose those lovely friends, we have each cultivated, of one another, on almost every continent.
    And what then.?
    Do let me know please if you have any news [?] of this. Thanks.
    Trust you are both well.
    Bill xx

    • I’ve just heard google are shutting down their social media side of things… not email accounts. We still have aol emails.. remember all those discs you got in the mail… we’re off up north this weekend. The missus flying and me on the Tiger. Most of my route (450 miles)is along the Mississippi. The River Road. Autumn colors should be good!

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