House Stark

Winter is Here – there was hints of ominous weather in the forecast; but not a wintery outlook! A couple of hundred miles on the highway back to Chicago the white stuff got the better of me. And rightly so! A good hand dryer at a rest stop to dry the gloves; full set of sturdy waterproofs from a hunting shop; to keep cozy; but the driving snow gives poor visibility. So I find a comfy “mom & pop” motel in Millston just off I-94. “The rooms open, key’s inside, just make yourself at home hon” said the friendly voice of owner Mary on the loaned ‘phone at a local gas station. Apparently the best cinnamon buns in Wisconsin are made for breakfast.

Tiger performed more than admirably… I think we’re on to the start of adventures together!

2 Comments to “House Stark”

  1. I have read elsewhere that the central northern states in the US suffers from almost “Canadian” weather, is that correct.?
    Looking at the photo’s it does not look wonderful, a bit early perhaps, and a bit too much for me I fear, as you know, we don’t get a lot of that round here.!
    So, when did you get home.? Did you turn in for work this am, armed with a best excuse, “Sorry Guv.. it was a hellish blizzard, Bears and Wolves and OMG.! But I’m OK now.!”
    Enjoy your day.. let your wet kit dry naturally, ergo.. no chilblains. Us old boys eh.. we know some stuff.!

    • We get Midwest weather here. Hot summers. 90’s common and humid, then a cold winter zero Fahrenheit average for a month or so. (Minus 20 to plus 35 Celsius) the in-between months with ideal conditions are usually too short .
      The winter slug over the weekend is a bit early but not unusual, I was caught out on the road so did the right thing and get off.
      I called into work and said “snow day!” Got back to Chicago midday Monday after a clear ride back.
      I’ve gotta tell you how good the Tiger is. Rides perfect on all roads and conditions. Putts along at 85 on the highway, barely stretching the back roads at 60. Its like a part of me. Love it! Well worth the wait (as Sir John Mills said in Ice Cold in Alex)

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