Border Fence

Big Lad – a new Triumph is being launched right now: The 1200cc Scrambler. Desert tool, adventure proof, and grin provoking I’m sure!

2 Comments to “Border Fence”

  1. It looks FABULOUS.. here on Youtube there are already a number of films from the 1st showings, and it is undeniably handsome.
    But, the saddle height is Ginormous, truly only you and I are ever going to get on one, which is proper as we both are properly tall.
    But, again.. the weight issue will kill this for most folks, to my mind it needs to lose 50lbs, ish.. As a real desert racer, McQueen and Co would have collapsed laughing at this, beautiful or not.
    I have often thought that the best way forward would be to take a Triple Traillie just the same as yours and turn it into a desert bike.
    Ample power from the start and.. get some weight off.!!
    Happy days.
    Have a great WE.

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