Sunny Smile – someone’s girlfriend sitting astride their pride and joy. Late Thirties Triumph Speed Twin 5T with girder forks, rigid rear end and only available in the luscious amaranth red. These were in production until the 14 November 1940 when the German bombing of Coventry led to the destruction of the Triumph factory. An order of thousands of military spec 5T’s were destroyed as well as all of Triumph’s technical records, drawings and designs. Post War an updated 5T helped rebuild Triumph to become the worldwide leader for another couple of decades.

4 Comments to “Snapshot”

  1. Hmmmm..
    It does not look like a UK street to me.? It looks so much more wider than ours over here, US or perhaps even Oz.. perhaps.
    I think the style of the car has thrown me somewhat, I do not know the make or model, but, it is rather reminiscent of the sedans in military service with the Yanks after arrived in the Old Country, 1942 +. Perhaps.
    Enjoy your WE.. love and regards.

  2. Hi Guys. Yep, I’d go for Aussie, or possibly New Zealand, however the US car makes me lean more towards Aussie as you both did. It looks like a ’41 GM or Chrysler product to me…possibly a Buick or a Chevrolet. There were loads in both OZ & NZ through the 1940s as a result of the Lend Lease program during WWII when many US bases were established and servicemen visited on R&R. I wasn’t aware of the total loss of the Triumph factory (I was aware of Levis’ demise due the same reason, as my Dad had a 1938 350cc Levis pre-WWII). That got taken by the OZ Govt in ’39 for use as a dispatch rider’s machine, and sadly (he was told) was left somewhere in the Western Sahara during the ‘Rats of Tobruk’ skirmish with Rommell’s Afrika Corps.He also had a ’41 Pontiac Convertible Coupe ex-USAAF Pickup in 1945 as it happens :-). Was the demise of that order of Triumphs perhaps why the BSA M20 became THE bike for all branches of British Armed Forces in WWII? Cheers, Les

    • I think it was the loss of the factory and surrounding supporting manufacturing that thwarted Triumphs wartime production. Small Heath must have gotten off lightly. Incidentally Coventry was once considered an avoidable bombing due to England code breaking work at Bletchley Park, and to prevent the Germans knowing the cryptoanalysists capabilities the bombing had to ‘go ahead’. But I believe it is heresay.

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