The Memory of Loss

Armistice- on this day One Hundred years ago saw the end of hostilities of The Great War. A global conflict whose influence ripples to this day. Tragic in outcome; it saw the loss of a generation through industrialized warfare, epidemic disease, boundary reconfiguration, and political & societal upheaval.

2 Comments to “The Memory of Loss”

  1. I saw this post on this special day and immediately thought of the attached song, perhaps THE song of the UK services.
    Sadly in recent years it seems to have been dropped by the UK Military, for whatever reason, from the march-past after the service at the Cenotaph, which is the UK centre-piece as you know.
    This infuriated me when I began to notice some few years ago, and it wasn’t played this year either.!
    The b#gger led off with “Tipperary”.. which is fine but..
    Another protest letter to Country Life then.
    Try this, the real deal, the original, with fab photo’s.
    100 years, imagine that.
    Happy days, better days now, mostly.

    Trust both are well xx

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