Eye Candy – the dealer here at Hotel Ignacio is a Triumph Ducati KTM outlet called Moto Europa. Their showroom floor has plenty to look at from the newest Bonnie’s and Monsters, to the Daytona’s and Scramblers.

2 Comments to “Shop”

  1. WoW.!
    That is one smart shop, almost like round here.. ahem.!
    Have I missed something, tho I am clued in daily.. are we abroad.. sur Le Continent perhaps.?
    Do tell, put me out of my worry-ness.
    Whatever, wherever.. have a ball, both
    W xx

    • Bill, we’re having a short holiday in St Louis Missouri. Abroad? If you call ‘West of the Mississippi’ abroad, then yes! Heading back north to Chicago who we hear has just had a dumping of snow…

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