British Symbolism

Tower Bridge -stunning portrait of this iconic London landmark with a ’49 Triumph Tiger parked on south bank Butler’s Wharf near Shad Thames. The Tower of London’s White Tower can be seen in in the left background. The raised road deck bascules reach up like triumphant arms to the sky. I used to commute over this bridge when I lived in London. Most memorable moments were waiting for the spans to lower with other bikers at the front of the traffic queue.

2 Comments to “British Symbolism”

  1. Forget the Bridge.. THAT Triumph is truly lovely.
    Tho’ to be frank, I never liked the daft rear wheel, the “Sprung Hub” thingy, which basically didn’t.!?
    I rather prefer the slightly earlier model, just post-war, with the solid rear end, which I don’t think got into series production.. not many made and probably even fewer today.
    Happy days then.
    Has proper winter hit you yet.? Very mild here, just how I like it, NO thank you to the Beast from the East.!

    • Big sprung seat and rigid tail would be my choice for this bike too. I like the black and white color scheme too – it fits in with a Pathé news quality too. Getting colder here in the low 20’s which I’m buggered if I know what that is in new fangled Celsius…

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