Miss Fuzzy Breeches

One Million Years – Chicagoan Raquel Welch stirred the hearts of many a red blooded male in the 60’s as Loana the Fair One dressed in a chamois bikini amidst a world of dinosaurs. She keeps the look on the right side of this triptych with s Vespa scooter. But the centerpiece is a smiling lass astride a Norton. Honest happiness of a smoldering brunette who swept away the submissive blond bombshell of previous sex symbols and led the way for stronger women in the limelight.

2 Comments to “Miss Fuzzy Breeches”

  1. By ‘eck, Lads.. she were tidy and then some.!
    In my lifetime simply the MOST gorgeous female person I have ever seen. EVER.
    Happy days.. and she turned out a better actress than most thought.. her part in the 3 Musketeers was excellent, although it did not end well for her part. I could have helped.!
    Bitterly raw cold here.. with sleet etc in the berluddy ICY wind. NOT nice at all, and so much better sat in the house.
    Enjoy your WE.
    WF xx

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