… or Bust!

Mini Me – latest update from my cousin Keith Wallace and his Mini project. Engine in, wheels on, steering and suspension fitted. I’m recommending red body with white roof like a mid-sixties Monte Carlo rally in Cooper regalia.

6 Comments to “… or Bust!”

  1. Hi GB. Hope he gets that finished soon…woudl be stunnign in red ‘n’ white Monte Carlo colours I agree… Hey I came across this piece of great 1964 footage of bikers in Britain….I’m sure you will enjoy it 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/blackcoffeeclub/videos/751731185167204/?t=539
    Cheers, les

    • Classic Stuff! Thank you for sharing!

      • Knew you would like it…! Have a Safe and Happy Christmas GeordieB, and a great break into the New Year. Not sure how the hell it can be 2019…but then guess we are all getting on a tad n’est pas? Cheers, Les {;~)>

      • Aging? A certainty, like taxes! Our Xmas will be very low key. I had hip surgery today. Left hip repaired with damaged cartilage, bone spurs, cyst… well two hours arthroscopic surgery fixes that! Off my feet for a week then slow recovery into 2019 ( yup the 21st Century is moving along at a consistent clip!)

  2. Hey, that’s Keith Wallace, the world famous champion leek grower!

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