The Sunday Post best

The Broons – every year growing up we’d have either an Oor Willie annual in our Christmas stocking or a Broons one. Beautifully pen & brush ink work by Dudley D. Watkins for DC Thompson they epitomized the straightforward Scottish character of the Twentieth Century.

Maw & Paw Broon with their eight children: Hen, Daphne, Joe, Maggie, Horace, the Twins and The Bairn. And Gran’paw too.

This is a great spread of the parents trying to get away for a peaceful weekend only to be overrun by their offspring and friends.

As they would declare: “Jings, Crivvens an’ help m’Boab!”

In the upper right Maggie rides in with one of her beaus (aplenty) .

2 Comments to “The Sunday Post best”

  1. Och Aye Th’ Noo GB…! 🙂 and a very Happy New year to you and your lady in Chicago. Air NZ is now flying direct Auckland to Chicago so I’m talking with Andrea about maybe making the flight our next long haul jaunt to include an onward loop to New York (last visited in ’83, and to see an old dear we know there); and then via Washington (never been) back to Chicago and home.. Will buy you a pint if’n we make the trip and you’re of a mind. Cheers,Les .

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