D-I-Y Sometimes you need some ken to be familiar with your interest. A ubiquitous Haynes Service & Repair Manual is an essential reference tome for any self respecting biker.

4 Comments to “Bookworm”

  1. Gertcha.. big Jessie.!
    Just another excuse for another selfie.!
    Have you no work to do.?
    Or are you not back at work yet.?
    9c today, and yesterday, hust a little wet today tho..
    Hope you sore bits are getting everyday better..
    Hey ho..
    B xx

    • Warmer here but wet. Hip is up and down. Typical healing process. Hey I gotta fill the winter blog with summat! It’s quite a complicated machine. No Meriden Bonnie here! Watch this space for a little fettling for fun trips!

  2. Can’t you just see there was NO spellcheck on that one.!?
    Normally, I/Moi.. am the spellchecker.
    B#gger eh.!

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