If the Cap Fits – I found this Norton hat in my bikes top box at the weekend. It’s Deans sun visor he bought last year for strolling around a hot sunny bike show. I’d better get it back to him!

5 Comments to “Unapproachable”

  1. Lordy..
    That is one scary foto..
    I thought it was from some shocker mega-murder flic set somewhere dreadful.
    But no, it was you, just you doing your best daft-lad impression. Phew.
    So then.. we here have had a week of 15~16 c weather, just blue skies and lovely.. and even with only a lightweight [wool 4.5 tog] duvet on, the bed/bedroom is too warm.. can’t cope.! I spent most of last night out of the duvet, but not chilled..?
    So then, how are you.. getting better daily I hope.?
    Regards both..
    B xx

    • Cold here. Below freezing with snow flurries. You can have it! I’d like to get out on the bike. I hear UK is having a false spring, or would that be summer? Enjoy at all costs while it lasts.

  2. I replied to this earlier.. it was natty and nifty.. and your new[ish] system threw me out 3 berluddy times.!
    NOW.. I can’t find what I wrote.. and I have given up.
    It was a damned sight easier the old way.. grump, grump..
    I do hope you are steadily improving, a little better ever day.
    Glorious here, a week of 14~16c weather and more to come, apparently.
    Love to both.
    B xx

  3. I said I lost my first comment, and yet.. when I posted the second one, there was the first.. berluddy looking at me.. Ratbag.!

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