Mordor’s Friday

New Zealand | it’s an almost forgotten corner of the world but by all accounts of visitors it’s one of the most beautiful place on the globe. Kiwis are a friendly lot and the indigenous Māori a proud people. Today’s shocking news of a terrorist attack with unsurpassable horror is a blow to humanity. Let us think of what good the antipodean nation gives the motorcycling community as a ray of light in this day of darkness: Burt Munro and his 1924 Indian Scout at home on The Salt; and genius John Britten with the sublime V1000 racebike.

2 Comments to “Mordor’s Friday”

  1. Thanks Geordie. There’s absolute shock and sorrow here in NZ today. Perhaps we were naieve in thinking that being down at the bottom of the world we had a safe haven against the hate invective and automatic gun culture types who massacre innocent people. The main perp was an Aussie (as I am also) who chose to live here which makes me both saddened and horrified in about equal measure. I’m also a gun licence holder (as he was) although mine are antiques and never fired. It’s a very sad day indeed and we suspect NZ will never be quite the same again. Cheers, Les in a very subdued Auckland.

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