Bayerische Motoren Werke | a visit to Motorworks today on S Western to pick something up gave me a chance to see their refurbished digs. As of this weekend they are now also an official BMW dealership. So they now represent the trifecta of European machinery: Triumph, Ducati & BMW. I spied this very sharp R90s sitting near the parts department. Teutonic Twentieth Century technology at its ‘allerbeste’. The classic black/silver smoke tank is pure seventies superbike.

One Comment to “Motorrad”

  1. And superbikes they certainly were.. Even tho’ Honda’s 750/4 had stolen most markets with its’ style and panache.. the orange and silver R90s’ in the USA, took two consecutive national production race championships in 1973 and 1974. All these later, they still remain amongst my very favourite bikes ever. Wonderful things.
    Enjoy your WE.. are you fully back at work yet.?
    Regards to both.
    B xx

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