Blueprint Carrier

Job Truck | a site meeting in the City today saw me motoring down a brisk Lake Shire Drive with a gusting breeze off the choppy waters of Michigan. A nip through urban traffic and easy parking. The plans didn’t blow off the back – that’s another story – and a discussion of good project particulars accomplished.

4 Comments to “Blueprint Carrier”

  1. I wonder.. do you not use cardboard map tubes [ assorted sizes available at your local store..] to protect against the weather whilst in transit.?
    And how nice to see you fully using what is probably the BEST bike, of it’s type, and going to work on it.. that should get you some air miles. And change it every year.. sort a deal out for a mobile professional [You.! ] with that nice Mr Scheff.
    Hips getting better.? Things better all round.?
    I do hope so.
    Love and regards.
    B xx

  2. PS..
    I have just noticed for the 1st time, my club badge on the left side pannier box.
    Looks crackin’
    Bet nobody else has one..

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