L’ amour

Je t’aime | French musician Serge Gainsbourg (L) gives a cheeky smile to his muse Jane Birkin who sits astride a high piped Tiger on some Rue de Paris. She’s sporting white thigh high go-go boots which puts the photo late sixties. – Moi non plus…

2 Comments to “L’ amour”

  1. I remember this period in time soooo clearly, it was my late teens and early twenties.. fabulous, then to be that age.
    But looking at this photo.. Sexy, spicy, hip dudes..?
    Looking at this picture from this distance in time, 50-ish years.. these three look just so middle-class, so bourgeois, so totally NOT
    rock and roll.. did they really represent young people from that time.?
    Not me, and not anyone I knew either.
    Happy days, young, stupid and carefree. That would be me then.
    Hey ho.
    Have a good week.

    • Serge was 40 or so then, so an owld codger in them days. Jane in her early twenties so more in line with the Summer of Lurve… we had an erroneous snow storm today. 4” of heavy wet snow. 50’s tomorrow so spring again.

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