Ciao Baby

Caff Lass | Amazing evocative image by talented photographer Nick Clemente. Frilly edged Lewis Leathers biker apparel is pure sixties on this Edie Sedgwick lookalike. The Ford Anglia parked in the backdrop is a perfect touch.

3 Comments to “Ciao Baby”

  1. Is this a genuine period picture, or.. a modern studio style mock-up using period props.. d’you think?
    I think modern with period props.
    In period there were girls around our Coffee bars, very pretty too. As a fine looking lad, I knew lots.. but not like this. So I suspect .. model, with “product” on her hair to be the scene “greaser”.? No.?
    Do tell, if you know.
    Now then, a request for a site improvement, if you will..
    Here in the UK we have been “invaded” in recent years by 2 German supermarket chains ~ Aldi and Lidl.. and they between them have stolen a huge swathe of foodstore sales. But, the labelling/instructions on their packaging is.. erm.. dire.! It is sooo tiny, I really cannot read it. [I turned 70 a month ago and, age is really catching up.!!]
    So, to fix things and read any instructions [ my specs’ are useless.!] I bought a magnifying glass at a local stationers.. and that works, it really does.
    Today, and for some time past, I have watched as to how this site has changed on the comments page. The image is of a [mostly] good size, this one is lovely, but the the print size is hopeless.! Very Aldi~ Lidl.! So I got out the glass to view.!
    PLEASE.. retain the GOOD print size where you can, but.. PLEASE enlarge the accompanying text size , by a few notches. Just so us oldies in the chapter can manage.
    Thank you.
    Hope both are well, and pray that your wounds are getting better daily.
    B xx

    • Contemporary staged photo. But well put together. Her hair isn’t quite 60’s either. But she’s a looker! Edie Sedgwick was a ‘femme fatale’ with Andy Warhols art Factory in New York in the 60’s. Like a Twiggy here she was the IT girl. I’ll email a photo. Also I’ll see about text up-sizing. All grand here. Snow forecast today!

  2. And who is Edie Sedgwick.?

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