In the Pits

Fuel Stop | As well as the necessary 93 octane for the Tiger there is also my engine to keep stoked. When passing through Minnesota or some parts of Wisconsin I always manage to grab one or two Nut Goodies made by the St Paul confectioners Pearson’s. Unsalted peanuts in a creamy maple center covered in milk chocolate. Washed down with a Coke… perfect road food!

One Comment to “In the Pits”

  1. Erm.. advice please.?
    Can it be that my Solway club badges, so lovingly sent, and at one time displayed on your steed.. now seem to have disappeared.?
    Have they been stolen.?
    Did you get bored with them.?
    Have you simply lost them.?
    Or, are you showing not the best angles so I/we/ your adoring public can’t see the finest EVER club badges.?
    Advice please.?
    Bitterly cold and very wet here.. berluddy Bank Holiday monday.!

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