Gripper Stebson

Knobby Clarke | You can conjure up long forgotten or invent new creative curse words when changing a tire. Four ‘tar arns’, soapy water, elbow grease, and the job gets done… in 1 1/4 hours. I’m sure the front should go quicker now some semblance of a technique is being learned.

2 Comments to “Gripper Stebson”

  1. Erm..
    Would it not have been easier, but not cheaper.. to just go down to the Tyre shop/Bike dealer, and get them fitted.?
    B#gger the broken fingernails and skinned knuckles.. no,no,no..
    Just pay for it.. there is virtue my son, in just standing back and watching.. ah so. [Grasshopper..]
    So far, we have had glorious weather here.. high 60’s F.. clear blue skies. Funny really, we often have a nice Spring.
    Followed by sh#t summers.. nowt new there then.
    Enjoy your day.
    Regards both

    • My thought is to have taken the wheel off and gotten to the inner tube in a controlled environment in case I have a puncture on’t road – or trail… Practice makes perfect… Apparently.
      Warming up here. Spring has arrived

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