Helmet | Job Done! Wearing suitable safety gear is of prime importance when selecting your riding garb. And the bonce is your main body part that needs the best protection. I never skimp on this component. The Bell full face lid I got a couple of years ago took last weekend’s spill in workmanlike form; with scrapes, scratches and no doubt a thumping from the road. It’s retired now, as a helmet should be after a crash, and will be replaced.

2 Comments to “ATGATT”

  1. I am sorry to hear that your smart “new” bonnet got marked/damaged in the event.. really, I should have expected as much. Try and claim that off the other chaps insurance too.. learn him to be a bit more careful.?
    Given that you are now a pukka go-out-and-do-things sort of chap, have you considered one of the rather smart full-face “Adventure” style helmets with a peak.. and there are some very smart styles out there.. that is where I would look.
    It is NOT my place to suggest/advise/cajole.. I simply just want to say what interests me.
    I wish I were in your position, even if you are banged-up just now.. just to have a bike, or several, to ride, to live with.
    Isn’t life a bugger.. the way it twists and turns, much of it unexpected.. and where we end up.?
    What with one thing and another, you have had a rough year ’til now.. I do hope you are making some progress, and life isn’t just endless pain [I actually DO have a history in this subject..].
    So, regards to you both.
    WF xx

    • You read my mind. I am actually looking at the ADV lids as a replacement . The insurance write is inspecting the Tiger as I write. The lid will come with it as well as any other damaged gear. Gloves? Bike is then getting towed to Motoworks. I saw the hand specialist yesterday and my prognosis looks good. Wrist brace and finger splint. I’ll be right as rain. The ribs are something else though.. they hurt when lying down so sleeping is disturbed. Nice day here in the Midwest. Nearly the weekend! Couple of days off- we’re going to see a version of Shelley’s Frankenstein with good friends. I’m going to write to you about a plan that is afoot this September … UK trip … Wigtown … bookshop …

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