Pane Life

Window Shopping | A few lads gaze longingly at a BSA Rocket Goldstar in some early 60’s motorcycle dealership showroom.

2 Comments to “Pane Life”

  1. Ahem..
    The BSA in the window front is,in fact, a BSA Gold Star Clubman’s.. the 500cc single, every Cafe cowboys’ dream in period.
    A funny thing.. I arrived on scene with our local Caff’ in the mid 60’s.. and I never saw a Gold Star on the road in our small city [Carlisle..] until, I joined the local motorcycle Road-race club. There were plenty about then, but they were not local, being hauled to meetings in a van or on a trailer.
    Against a Manx Norton or Matchless G50, NO chance, and not much chance against a good [racing] 500cc Triumph twin either.
    Happy days.. the best.
    The BSA Rocket Gold Star was an amalgam of the BSA Gold Star Clubman’s complete chassis, and with the factory’s 650 Super Rocket engine installed.. Nice. See attached.
    Here we seem to be in some Trough of Despond..the berluddy weather is VILE.! The rain is endless and has gone on for days. We here are only a few miles from the Solway coast, and I fully expect to see a horrid,torrid, tidal wave anytime soon.
    Somewhere about 12C.. and tropically WET.!
    Summer eh.!
    B xx

    • I shoulda spotted the single cylinder engine. Even with Siamese pipes you’d see the left exhaust port on the RGS’s engine . Also even closer inspection the front brake isn’t the 190mm drum sported by the Rocket Goldie. Timing side the bikes are much easier to differentiate. Rainy here too. In fact Lake Michigan is the highest it’s been on record.

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