Health Safety & Welfare

Safety First | I must now wear my noggin lid for the day-to-day chores around the house and for relaxation activities.

2 Comments to “Health Safety & Welfare”

  1. Well, if you are determined to sit in the house, like daft-lad-on-a-day-oot.. there’s not much I can say at your trial.? Is there..
    Anyway, that Blue thing/Hinge [?], on your arm, at the right elbow. Hmmm, is that a result of your recent accident.?
    I have not seen this before, is it a piece of medical kit.? I do hope so, please explain.
    Sh#t weather here, again.. nowt new there then.
    B xx

    • The elbow has sports tape across a lump that sprang up last weeks where the joint was knocked in the crash. My physical and therapist put it on to help. It looks the biz though. Cold and rainy here too.

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