The Replacement | I dropped into Johnny Scheff’s Motoworks yesterday and utilizing their deals on ’18 model bikes made good on this Tiger 800 XCx. Triumph are including pannier boxes for bikes in June too so the old black crow has a successor. I’m considering the name George for it after my grandfather George Lawrie who rode olive drab motorcycles in North Africa during WWII.

2 Comments to “Jorge”

  1. “George”.. hmmmm.. bit of a theme developing here perhaps.?
    Grandpa George, Gorgeous George [Geordie..] the late pooch, hmmmm.
    Nice portrait, and the bike looks GORGEOUS.. great choice, great colour. I would buy that with my own money.
    So then
    September beckons, that particular week, I/we could manage the Tuesday or Wednesday.. 3rd~4th.. details of your visit nearer the time would be grand.
    Regards ever.

    • My middle name is George too. Mid week sounds like a plan. When we know more about our itinerary we’ll let you know. What kind of uniform should a second hand book shop ‘owner’ have? A wool cardigan?

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