Royal Enfield

R.E. Interceptor | The new Six fifty twin from Chennai India is a smart looking machine. Modern Classic in its purest form with a century long provenance. A suitable alternative to Triumph’s Bonneville.

2 Comments to “Royal Enfield”

  1. Howdooo..
    These are lovely, so traditional, so handsome. What a contrast to the utter rubbish trumped out by the so-called “Shed Builders”.
    Except for those of quality, most especially our friend “Mule”.. I always look, groan, move on.. The Emperors’ New Clothes writ large.
    I would say, having seen a group test of the RE twins, in a magazine here, they were reviewed a tad unfairly. Still in the UK if it isn’t a 200 bhp monster, it is is dismissed.. but for sensible people wanting a not-monster bike, or a second bike.. just perfect. I would give one a try for sure. [I wish..] And for me.. the one with the Chrome tank, so very 1960’s.
    Enjoy your day, I do hope, you are daily a little better. Well, lots really. ahem.

    • Mid size bikes that can do anything are the best. I think Royal Enfield will be using this base for a few different models. Healing up fine here. The Tiger is being delivered tomorrow (delivered!) lookout photos soon!

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