Up Hill & Down Dale

George | The new scooter arrived today. Fresh off the dealers floor and glimmering with subtle verdancy under a warm bright summer sun. Like the previous Tiger it fits me like a glove. Named after my grandfather who rode khaki colored British bike across North Africa during the War and our pup Geordie whose birthday it would be today.

4 Comments to “Up Hill & Down Dale”

  1. Gorgeous [the bike.!]
    Love the colour, it looks grand.. will you be adding spotlights and suchlike.?
    I hate it really. You’ve got one and I haven’t.. b#gger eh.
    Enjoy your WE, madam and I are going tomorrow [Saturday] to a car/bike show at Moffat on the Scots side. Generally approx 900 entrants expected, at least 3 times the size of anything else in this area. But, I have never been before.. and why not.? So, we shall see.
    Regards both.

    • I’ll be getting the bags sometime. And a centerstand. The fog lights will be later. I found I didn’t use them before. There is a Euro vintage car show here on Sunday. Owld bikes too including several Vincent s being brought out. We have hot weather right now 90’s phew too much for me.

  2. Just to say, when we enter the comments page, we get lovely BIG photo’s etc.. but there you are with a truly lovely bike and looking.. a bit glum.? Thoughts of the Loan repayments..? Smile, be happy in yourself.
    B x

    • I have a faraway look thinking about adventure and roads unknown… I’ll smile next time! And yes, I am happy in myself for this. It’s the first new vehicle I’ve ever had. But I darn well deserve it! Enjoy your weekend!

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